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FIC: "Big Al Bino" Aug. 4th, 2005 @ 03:02 am
I submitted this to the CoH comic a while back, but so far it has yet to appear in the comic or website. Which I don't mind terribly. But since I ran across this fic on my computer today (having almost forgotten I'd written it), I thought I'd share. The following is a fic about a character I played on Champion server.

Big Al Bino
by David Ellis

Y'know, the view of the sun setting in Kings Row is a wonderful thing, isn't it?Collapse )
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and this is all that's left at the moment. more to come. Nov. 22nd, 2004 @ 02:34 am

Part Four: A Dream of PowerCollapse )

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Nov. 22nd, 2004 @ 02:32 am

Part Three: The DecisionCollapse )

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It's actually turning into quite the little novella... bear with me, please. Nov. 22nd, 2004 @ 02:30 am

Part Two: The Dream WorldCollapse )

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Hi all! Nov. 22nd, 2004 @ 02:28 am

I posted part of a story I'm writing about three of my characters on the CoH LJ Community and someone pointed me here. He said you guys might enjoy it.

So here goes:

The Free Men of Paragon


Part One: The Boy who would be the Lad.Collapse )

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Unable to contain her anger any longer, White Sapphire took to the streets.

Really, she had a good life. She had a nice apartment in Steel Canyon, and was looking to buy a house. She was gaining ranks in the city, her Security Clearance growing ever greater. Her supergroup, the Crescent Claws, were respected because they performed well. She even found herself in a romantic relationship again, and was enjoying it thuroughly.

But then there was Crazy Devil. Crazy Devil was another "hero" in the city, who had once been White Sapphire's friend. Sapphire had respected and even admired Crazy Devil for a time. They grew close. But Sapphire would discover that Crazy Devil didn't want friends- she wanted followers. Sapphire only took so much abuse before she felt the need to separate herself from Devil, who had become overbearing, arrogant, selfish, childish and hypocritical.

It could have been simple. Sapphire simply excused herself from Devil's company. Quietly, Sapphire was willing to slip into the shadows and move on. But Devil was outraged that someone would cease to want to serve her, and there was a fight. They both wounded each other deeply, causing several friends to choose sides in the process. They finally parted ways.

But Devil was cunning and vengeful. She began to put on a pleasant face whenever she crossed Sapphire's path. Sapphire was confused, she'd thought the bloodshed had ended any potential for friendship. But here was Devil, once again, pretending to be a friend. Then the attacks came.

White Sapphire was finding that certain contacts would no longer give her information. Some stores stopped selling to her, allies no longer responded to her calls. Devil was working in the background, making sure that they shut Sapphire out. And there was nothing that Sapphire could do to stop her.

Frustrated and angry, she scouted the streets, being particularly brutal to any thugs who dared set foot in her territory. She culled the numbers of several gangs that night. She never saw any of their faces- every single one of them looked like Crazy Devil, and she killed them all. Before the sun rose, already, hardened thugs were running at her approach. Word spread that White Sapphire was on a rampage, and no one wanted to be caught in her path.
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Orgin of Shadow JusticeCollapse )
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